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The People

1) Dr. Thomas G. Bisbas was born in Katerini. He is a researcher at the University College London, Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Physics (Munich), and University of Florida (USA). He studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he obtained his Ph.D. at Cardiff University. He has also been a researcher at the Academy …

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The Area

Most people know Pieria and Olympus from Greek mythology. Others have heard about it from the tales told by visitors in the area.   However, no matter how enchanting the myth is, no matter how flattering the information is, the Pieria that you, the visitor, will discover is the most beautiful.   Few places combine …

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The Olympia Symposia

The Olympia Symposia started in 2014 and take place towards the end of May every year in Paralia Katerini’s, about 20km away from the world’s famous Mount Olympus. Paralia is a village which is part of the municipality of Katerini, a town in Central Macedonia, Greece, and capital of Pieria regional unit. It is located …

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Our Scope

The Olympian Centre for Astrophysics is based in Katerini and it is a non-profit company. It has been founded by Dr. Thomas Bisbas (Astrophysicist, Ph.D.), Dr. Kostas Tziotziou (Astrophysicist, Ph.D.) and Mr. Dimitri Miroti (individual) in January 2015. The foundation of the company is a result of the high success of The Olympian Symposium 2014 …

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