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The Olympian Centre for Astrophysics is a non-profit organization based in Katerini Pieria. It has been founded by astrophysicists Dr. Thomas Bisbas and Dr. Konstantinos Tziotziou and the local businessman Mr. Dimitrios Myrotis in January 2015, following the great success of The Olympian Symposium 2014, organized in May 2014 with a participation of more than 190 international scientists and researchers.

According to the constitution of the company, the aims of the Olympian Centre for Astrophysics are:

a) to make the local area a place for the promotion of scientific ideas and collaborations that will result in local economic growth and promote the participation and contribution of Greece to the international community,

b) the responsible and accurate information of the public on subjects related to the science of Astronomy,

c)  the collaboration of the organization with international academic scientific teams of Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Physics,

d) the familiarization of public and interested parties in matters of Astronomy.

The main activities of the Centre are the management and realization of programs (International, European, National, and Local) and initiatives for achieving the aforementioned non-profit aims and more specifically:

    • the organization of research activities, conferences, symposia, and educational seminars.
    • the organization of public outreach talks
    • the organization of scientific summer and winter schools of Astronomy in the area of Pieria and nearby.

For the attainment of the aforementioned aim, the organization will exploit its logistical and human infrastructure, the knowledge and experience of its staff, as well as individuals and scientists with appropriate knowledge and experience.

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