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The People

Dr. Thomas G. Bisbas was born in Katerini. He is a Principal Investigator at Zhejiang Laboratory in Hangzhou (China). He studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he obtained his Ph.D. at Cardiff University. He has also been a researcher at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague), University College London (London), Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Physics (Munich), University of Florida, University of Virginia, University of Cologne and a visiting researcher at Harvard University. His research interest includes theoretical studies of star formation and the astrophysics and astrochemistry of the interstellar medium. Click here to visit his personal website.

Dr. Konstantinos Tziotziou was born in Katerini Greece. He is an associate researcher at the National Observatory of Athens (Greece) and the Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics of the Academy of Athens (Greece). He got his bachelor’s degree in Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and his Ph.D. from the Astronomical Institute of the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). He has also worked as an associate researcher in the aforementioned institute and Paris Observatory (France). His research interests focus on Solar Physics, Space Physics, and Space weather. Click here to see his scientific work.

Dimitrios MirotisMr. Dimitrios Mirotis was born in Katerini Greece. He is an IT educator and trainer of new technologies. He got his BSc in Business Administration with a major in Management from the University of Sheffield. He specialized in the effects of Organizational Change through the use of IT in Management and received his MSc from Lancaster University. Since 2006 he is educating children and adults on the use of IT while helping various organizations in the prefecture of Pieria cut down on organizational costs through the use of new technologies. Since 2008 he, together with his wife Maria and his sister Panagiota, is running an Incoming Travel Agency promoting the beauties of the area and attracting tourists from all over the world thus boosting the financial development of the local economy.

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